Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Next Wave....

It has been a while since I have blogged. So I figured it's time to get my ass in gear.
I was recently made aware of Amanda Hocking. She is a self published author who put her first book out in April 2010. St. Martin's Press just offered her $2M for a four book deal.
I read her blog and she stated that her experience is not the norm and didn't want everyone to think it was easy. While I agree with her completely, what I think she didn't stress is that this whole self publishing deal is the wave of the future.
I predict within twenty years, there will be no more books. It will save trees but mostly because of Kindle, Nook and the like. People these days are all about technology. I am still old school and like to hold a book in my hand. I like the feel, the smell but soon enough, everything will be either print on demand or electronic.
Back to Amanda Hocking and her statement about self publishing. Yes, she is an  extreme case of very fast success. Most will not find such an enormous audience as she has in such a short time. But you can compare this with any other venue. For instance, if you upload a video to Youtube, there is no guarantee that it will be forwarded around the world overnight. Chances are you won't be the next Justin Beiber but that doesn't mean you should give up. I felt her message, though realistic, was slightly discouraging.
If you are an author and have a good overall product, you can inexpensively upload your book and have it available to the public within weeks. You have to utilize social networking, find people to blog/review your work and create interesting press kits. Youtube is a great way to help get the public acquainted with you and your work.
There is no absolute way to be successful when you are creative. You fall off of the horse everyday. People try to discourage your endeavors because they are jealous or afraid you are too hopeful for a successful outcome. You must pay them no mind. Be creative. Be bold. Believe in yourself and don't let the negative convince you that it's better to just dream. The publishing world is changing and it's at the very beginning. It's an important time and by forging ahead, you become a pioneer and help to create the road others will follow.


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  2. Great post. Think of it this way, without all this blogging, Facebook, Twitter, not many of us would ever get heard by the New York social clubs. The goal for most of us is to write books and be heard. Amanda Hocking wrote something like 19 books before she took off. All you need is one.
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  3. Excellent post, and I totally agree!

    I found you through book blogs, and I'm now a follower :-).

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  4. Great post Kimberley and I agree; Be creative, bold and never give up. I have a couple of books on Amazon which have sold the odd copy BUT I won't give up and have ideas for so much more.