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Interview With Anthony Tarquinto: The Real 42 Year-Old Virgin

Anthony's Blog:

A while back I was contacted by Anthony Tarquinto. He is a 42 year-old virgin who wrote a book titled The Real 40 Year-Old Virgin  and found my book The Virgin Diaries online. He expressed an interested in somehow working together.

I was not sure what to think initially. I read a little bit of his book online and saw that he not only wrote of being a virgin but he included a very conservative political ideology. My book The Virgin Diaries has no agenda, political or otherwise other than to provide virgins with the tools to make an informed decision.

The Virgin Diaries doesn't encourage or discourage anyone where first time sex is concerned. I just remember being a virgin and I had questions - even when I wasn't ready or willing to engage in sexual activity.

Below is a thoughtful and very interesting post from Anthony. I am very grateful he reached out to me and my mother and assured us that he would only focus on the subject of virginity. Thank you Anthony! We both appreciate your eloquence and candor.


*My name is Anthony J. Tarquinto. My friends call me Tony.

I am an independent financial consultant and investment advisor based in Aliso Viejo, CA. My best friend is Robin Basner. She lives in a town called Diamond Bar.

I’m also a volunteer counselor at All Experts in the category of Abstinence/Celibacy. I’ve gotten questions from people all over the world about dealing with this.

My birthday was a few weeks ago. I’m now 42.
I am a Roman Catholic.

**There are two main reasons that I am 42 and still a virgin. First is because of the choices that I have made at various stages in my life:

- When I was in high school I was pretty much a geek. I was skinny with bad acne and a bad haircut. Just a big zero.

- When I was in college, I was a total recluse – shy, always studying and always alone in the library – kind of a bookworm. I just didn’t try hard enough.

- In the 1990’s, I was very insecure in my career and always worried. I didn’t have much going for me in those days and my self-esteem was very low.

- In the 2000’s my career finally took off and I started making money. I worked in outside sales and I was always on the road. I traveled, saw new things, experienced all kinds of cool stuff, and sort of “gave up” trying to find a woman. It was almost like I boycotted women. Call it a “girlcott”. This period of my life (the good times) is when I should have found a relationship and finally had sex. But I didn’t. I kept putting it off and delaying, and saying to myself, “maybe next year.”
This was the biggest mistake of my life. I had so many chances to be with so many quality women and I JUST PLAIN BLEW IT. It haunts me to this day. There were women with whom I was genuinely compatible and had a realistic chance of developing something long-term. Shame on me for not going for it when I had the chance.
The second reason I am still a virgin is because of the overarching edict of the Catholic Church, which forbids having sex outside of wedlock. From a young age I was told in Sunday School and CCD that Catholics must wait until marriage to have sex. I have preached this my entire life, but now I’m having doubts. Here’s why: At the end of the day, I am on the losing side of the intellectual argument for celibacy because as a Catholic, my first and foremost guidance comes from the Bible, specifically the Book of Genesis. In Genesis, Adam and Eve have sex.
Adam and Eve were not married. This throws the entire dogma out the window. 

***If I had to do it over, I wouldn’t have been such a narcissist during the good years. I wouldn’t have been so arrogant. I was totally wrapped up in my work and I didn’t think about the future. 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 were phenomenal years for me and I got blinded by my success. Then when the 2008 financial crisis hit, I lost everything – my job, my career, my house, my company car - everything but my virginity.
 I’ve picked up the pieces since, but I now have the “virgin” thing to deal with, which started when my book came out in last year – The Real 40 Year-Old Virgin. It’s about business, politics and religion, which are hot topics these days. My positions are controversial and extremely conservative.
Also, if I could do something over, I wouldn’t have been so harsh and acerbic in the book. I was angry when I wrote it and it’s pretty obvious.
Now I’m toxic. It’s all out there now. Any girl that reads my book finds out that I am a far-right, fire and brimstone conservative (pro-life, Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, etc.) and I can’t hide it. Most women that I meet nowadays are repulsed by Sarah Palin, yet I identify with her. I’m a loose cannon. No girl wants a guy that thinks and talks like I do, and that’s just reality. I said what I said and wrote what I wrote, and now I have to deal with it. The book has been out two years now and I’m just finding this out.
I don’t want people to feel sorry for me. I don’t want “sympathy” sex. But If I ever do find a girl now, despite everything that’s happened to me, at least I know it will be real. At least I know that she’ll know everything about me and I won’t have to worry about hiding anything. I won’t have to spring it on her that I’m a virgin.


****There are between 110,000,000 and 115,000,000 adult males in the United States according to the 2010 U.S. Census. I know of only two virgins – me, and another guy Jason who asked me for advice at All

That’s it.

But it can’t be. There’s no way out of 100,000,000 or so guys that there are only 2 virgins. There have to be more. That’s where Kimberley and Ann come in.

I was surfing the web one night when I came across The Virgin Diaries and I couldn’t believe it. Finally! Somebody actually cares about virgins! A book dedicated to….me!

I don’t feel alone anymore. The Virgin Diaries is a must read for the mature teen (or any virgin for that matter) who wants a broad insight into what it’s like to have sex for the first time. I learned a lot.

            Now I know what others were thinking right before they had sex for the first time, and what it was like after. The profiles in The Virgin Diaries are anonymous, so it’s no holds-barred. It is very honest and up front.

The Virgin Diaries totally changed my thinking on losing virginity because of how the respondents in such detail recall how they lost their virginity, the name of the person they first did it with, and the time, place, and other meaningful circumstances in their lives. There must be something very special about sex if people can recall it this vividly. The respondents seemed as if they really enjoyed conveying their stories - like it brought back fond memories of a more innocent time in their lives. The book is a compendium of the most intimate aspect of peoples’ lives. I used to think that losing my virginity was not going to be a big deal or all that important. Well, it is important. This is my life here, and Kim and Ann prove that.

*****I wish this book was available when I was younger. It would have been an enormous help. If I had read the The Virgin Diaries, it would have taken me in a different direction because I wouldn’t have taken my future for granted. I always thought I would eventually find a girl and fall in love and have sex and maybe even get married. Life is too short to be a virgin and I wish I would have thought about these things ten years ago.

******Ultimately, the benefit of The Virgin Diaries is that it lets a person who has never had sex know that it is OK to wait. There are so many profiles from people from all walks of life that the reader will connect with at least one of them.

“I would tell virgins to make sure that the person you are going to do it with the first time is as happy and satisfied as you are. If you’re going to do it, make sure you know that the person you’re going to do it with is someone you can trust and continue to have a relationship with when you’re done.”

This is from a 45 year-old male who did it for the first time when he was 24. I can relate to this. Twenty-four years old is a late-bloomer, and I’m a REAL late bloomer. This is just one of the many essays that had an impact. Maybe there is hope for me!

“As for advice from religious figures, I was in Catholic schools for twelve years. Sex is something that was never brought up.”

            From another 45 year-old male who was raised Catholic. I can definitely relate to this.

*******I believe that 18 should be the minimum age before engaging in sexual activity, especially sexual intercourse. Women in their early teens haven’t fully developed their bodies yet, and sex could do damage (both physically and psychologically). I’m no doctor, but this is what I have heard from various healthcare professionals and psychologists over the years. Boys are more prone to be damaged on the psychological side by having sex too soon. Many counselors say that male expectations of sex are different than a female, and early sexual activity can distort things and perhaps even warp the male mind.

*******I feel like being a virgin is a liability for me at this point because when you get to a certain age, it’s as if women are thinking, “OK. Something must be wrong with this guy. He’s 42 and hasn’t had sex yet?”

- Like red flags go up when they find out about all of this.

            This is a sign that there is some serious fundamental problem with me. There must be something seriously wrong with a guy who’s 42 and never been laid.

            If I were an average guy with a wife and kids and a normal job, and I heard there was a 42 year old virgin, I’d think the guy was a real loser – like a mental case or something.

*********There are pros and cons to being celibate and honestly, I would not encourage any guy to abstain from sex just for the sake of being a virgin. The right girl may never come along and life is too short. The bottom line is this: Being a male virgin in my forties benefitted me because of the movie.
The 40-Year-Old-Virgin (Universal Pictures 116 min.) was a precursor to my real-life story, and it was sheer coincidence that I turned 40 shortly after it came out. Everything that I have now I owe to Steve Carell, and I’ve never even met the guy. The whole thing sort of happened by accident.
            But being a virgin stinks. I wouldn’t recommend it for any guy in his thirties, forties, or any age, because you’re different and being different is difficult. I don’t want to be a virgin anymore. I just want to find a girl, do it and get it over with. My fifteen minutes is up now. I just want to get on with my life.

*********While I have not been told outright by a woman that she doesn’t want to be with me because I’m a virgin, I get the feeling that that’s the reason. Seems obvious, don’t you think? Maybe they’re freaked-out by the whole thing.


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Independent Vs. Traditional Publishing: Why I'll Stay Indie!

As mentioned in the first of this series, I have had some interest from a mid-sized publisher for my blog Here She Comes.

At first, I was very excited that my work was considered worthy and still am. The publisher that expressed interest specializes in books with photographs and illustrations. They are located on the East Coast and focus on regional distribution. I would prefer not to have any illustrations for this project and I also don't wanted to be limited with where my books are available.

From what I have found, many small to mid-size publishers require the author to purchase a fairly large quantity of their own books, and though there are many authors out there who love being with their publishers, I have decided to stay independent.

I make Reality Books. This means I rely on other people's submissions to keep me going. I have three blogs up now with the intention of turning them all into books. The stories come in waves. Sometimes I get a lot; other times, I get busy and focus on other aspects of being an author. The stories will come in their own time and I don't want to feel pressure to have it done on someone else's watch. I want the quality of the entries to be worthy of the final product. This may take more time than a traditional publisher would permit.

I happened upon an article today that Penguin Books has now joined the self publishing game. Read the article: Here. They claim to respect the new wave of independent publishing and while that may be true, the truth is the Big Six are realizing their industry is being dramatically and quickly changed by the onset of authors getting fed up with all the rules being forced upon them. They know they now must be a part of this wave in order to stay competitive and in business.

When reading the interviews with the authors who have traveled both forms of publishing, it is clear that staying independent is the right choice for me. At least it is for now. I will admit, if one of the Big Six were to offer me a deal, that would be a whole other ball game and of course I would be a fool to decline.
It would give me the "credibility" that takes much longer to achieve when you go it alone. But I can guarantee that once I was able to make my living solely as an author, I would go back to self publishing. That's where the money really is if you have a decent following.

I would like to thank everyone for participating in the interview process and celebrate all the authors out there who help to entertain, inform and inspire!

Read all of the interviews:
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Excerpts From Ain't No Sunshine: Men Reveal The Pain Of Heartbreak

What sorrow lurks in the minds of men suffering from a broken heart? Ain't No Sunshine knows!

How do men feel when they lose someone they love? Do they cry? Do they obsess? Do they call psychics? Under the protection of anonymity, thirty-eight men describe in detail how they've dealt with the pain of heartbreak. Whether it's because of divorce, betrayal, death or simply getting dumped, the raw honesty of these men may surprise you.

Modern American society so often discourages men from admitting to emotional pain, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. From an early age men are taught to "suck it up." Women often think men have it easier when it comes to the pain of heartbreak. But is that really the case? Ain't No Sunshine
provides an opportunity to unlock those mysteries in this informal collection of stories.

Interviews with therapists, psychics and bartenders are included and provide informative insights into how men react to a broken heart.

Love is never easy. Loss of love is always difficult. Here is proof that not only do men struggle, sometimes the struggle is more difficult than it is for women.

Ain't No Sunshine is a rare glimpse into the elusive male psyche.

48 years old.
"...The problem was money. My wife and I could not afford to move out. Our money was tied up in the business and our home that had lost value and we had to figure out what to do. We decided to continue living together and tried to stay out of each other's way...

...I met Diane through a mutual friend at a dinner party. I was honest about my living situation but I made it clear I was interested in her and I wished to see her. She agreed to be my friend...After about six or seven months, we gave in and had sex. It was great...but then she pulled away...

 ...It took about seven or eight months before I was divorced, moved out and ready to go. I did what she asked. There were plenty of times when I wanted to call her and tell her I was moving out in three weeks---but she said she wanted me to be free. So I waited...

...When I contacted Diane, she seemed surprised and told me she was seeing another man..."

27 years old.
"...The breakup was so hard because it came out of the blue. I thought we were TOGETHER. I got COMFORTABLE! She ruined my world. I hate that the way I feel has anything to do with her. I want so much to get back with her. It's ALL I think about.

I sobbed, I drank, I sat alone all day on the weekend. I actually did call a psychic. She told me this woman was moving on and that she started seeing another guy. I was told that I should start dating again and that I will meet someone within a year. This pissed me off and it's the last time I will ever call a psychic...

...I am not over her. I found out she is seeing someone. I asked her about it and she confirmed it. SHE ACTUALLY HAD THE AUDACITY to ask my advice...

...I think the most embarrassing thing is how pathetic I am. I want her and she doesn't care about me. I'm not suicidal but I do feel desperate. WORST feeling ever!..."

76 years old
"...I met my Grace when I was in first grade...When we were fifteen, our school had a dance and I asked Grace. Fortunately for me, she agreed. This was a real coup as Grace was the first in our class to develop breasts and all of the boys wanted to go out with her. She was a great beauty...

...Five years ago, she was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor...Two months later I had to bury her and that was the most painful day of my life---harder than the day she passed...

...The next six months were the loneliest and coldest I have ever lived. Every night I would cry myself to sleep. Every morning I would wake up and feel I had nothing to live for. I begged God to take me...I just sat in my chair and mourned my great love...

....I met a wonderful woman who has helped ease the pain...I have come to love her and I believe she loves me too. But I think both of us miss our respective mates..."

Reviews:  Click Here
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Independent Vs. Traditional Publishing - Author Interview: Betsy Balega

The questions posed to each author are at the bottom of the first part of this series. To see the article and questions, please click here:  Independent Vs. Traditional Publishing
Betsy Balega
My publisher is O-Books of the UK. I was blessed to find them because my book, Being Mystic, is too New Age-y for a Christian publisher and too Christian for a New Age Publisher, such as Llwellyn. I searched, Googled and searched again, until I finally found the right publisher for my manuscript. The best thing is, unlike traditional publishers, who may make you wait six to eighteen months to get a reply, my proposal was read within twenty-four hours and a contract offered within seventy-two. At the time I signed my contract, February of 2010, each author received the same contract with no advance. 

Being Mystic launched June 16, 2011. I was fortunate enough to have a book tour with Chapters-Indigo of Canada.  I traveled throughout SW Ontario, on my own dime, and met wonderful staff and customers. It was a truly great experience. I took a diary with me and collected everyone's name and telephone number, to thank them personally and keep in touch. The notes may be used for a future book.

I have a free newsletter at my website,
I have a free podcast:, Tuning in with Betsy,, since 2006, with over 90,000 listeners.  Now, whether they all buy my book is up to them. I am on Facebook, have a Facebook page for Being Mystic. Everyone who "likes" my book is automatically entered into a monthly draw to receive a free psychic reading.

O-Books has two wonderful marketing personnel, Catherine Harris and Sarah Dedman. They take care of sending out review copies to book reviewers and the monthly newsletter for O-Books, which details what authors are up to each month. As a result, I have been asked to contribute to several UK magazines, which I wouldn’t have known of otherwise. Catherine and Sarah do a great service for all O-authors.

I sent press releases prior to each book signing. As a result, I was featured in local papers. Since returning from my book tour, I have been interviewed by one Canadian entertainment weekly in Calgary, the University of Saskatchewan, The Daily Trojan at USC, the Daily National in NYC, featured as the 'Author of the Month' by Mindi Anderson of Chicago, interviewed by Rob McConnell, host of the #1 Paranormal Radio Show in Canada, as well as two more radio shows in mid-November. Rogers Media did a magazine cover promo picture for me just before my book launch.

I will stay with O-Books because they believed in me when no one else did. John Hunt, the CEO, used his money and invested in me. I’ll return the favor. I’m a very loyal person.

Sales are going well. I have deliberately declined all royalties until later in 2012. The last time I checked Being Mystic landed on the Best Seller List. My writing is about Truth, not money.

Author Interview Sally Franz: Click Here
Author Interview: Dorinne Davis  Click here
Author Interview: Debra Ann Pawlak Click Here 
Author Interview Geoffrey Hopf  Click Here 
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Excerpts from The Virgin Diaries

There are other books that have collections of virginity stories. The Virgin Diaries is not the first nor will it be the last. People are interested in sex. Especially virgins and that is why I made this book. I remember being a young girl, a bit of a prude and had zero interest in having sex but because our culture is so obsessed with it, I had a healthy interest. "What is all the fuss about?"

Before compiling the stories, I was unable to find any other collection that had such a diverse mix. The people who shared their tale range in ages 20-77. They are gay, straight, male and female. The majority state they got NO advice from parents or anyone.

It was important to me that when collecting these stories, they were not too sexually graphic. I didn't want to make a soft porn book, I wanted a source for curious virgins so that when sex starts to become a real issue and possibility, they could make an informed decision on what to expect emotionally as well as physically.

Last, I didn't want any commentary. No history, no comparison - not to other stories in the book or my own experiences. I trust the reader can make up their own on what to think and how to feel.

Here are some excerpts from the book. The Virgin Diaries is only $2.99 on Kindle and the paperback edition is $12.95

Female. 77. I was 15 years old.
"...Looking back, it was very sweet and a very important time of my life because I had somebody to hold, to be with. I was relatively insecure in myself. It just made me feel close to somebody and that I needed to be a part of somebody's life. That's what it did. We had boyfriends then, we didn't have parties where people switched partners and it was just different. You went steady and eventually you had sex. You loved each other, whether it was real love or not. It was something you did to be close...."

Female 46. I was 21 then---nearly 22.
"....The best part was being that close to another person. The worst part was the pain...
The only thing that I'd change now is that I'd have told him I was a virgin. I think I sold him a little short on that one. And it would've been nice if we'd have both shared the experience of my first time as such together. Perhaps it was my withholding the truth that ultimately led to his withdrawing his affection and backing away. Now I'll never know if that little while lie cost me dearly..."

Male 43. I lost my virginity when I was 18 to a girl I didn't even like.
"...I remember getting drunk and taking this girl into my friend's bedroom, as I had many times before. I didn't know what the hell I was doing and luckily, because I was drunk and did not care about her, I wasn't embarrassed...
I found out later that night that she was a virgin too and really liked me a lot. I didn't care one way or the other, not because that's my personality, I just had a world of other more important things on my mind, like what the hell I was going to do with the rest of my life...."

Female 20. I was just 17.
"...Looking back, my worries were not really what stopped me. I just was not ready. I worried about it changing our relationship, pregnancy and the pain of the first actual time and Jim. However when we did have sex for the first time, I did not even think twice about any of these things....
Physically, my first sexual experience was painful. I don't remember him having trouble getting it in but I felt as though my body was being ripped in half. In an overwhelming mixture of physical pain and unfathomable emotional connection, I cried. With every tear that fell out of my eyes, Jim kept kissing me and telling me he loved me...."

Male 26. At the time I was a sophomore in college.
"...I was a Nervous Nelly. I had no idea what to do and I didn't want to look like an idiot...
I was happy, scared, sad, all of it. It happened so fast, so all of the emotions were pouring out of me at the same time. I was respectful and gentle and sweet..."

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Independent Vs. Traditional Publishing - Author Interview: Geoffrey Hopf

The questions posed to each author are at the bottom of the first part of this series. To see the article and questions, please click here:  Independent Vs. Traditional Publishing.

Geoffrey Hopf
Book: Doggieville

I first started out looking at publishers for my book. Most I found online were not even accepting unsolicited manuscripts. I found that to be very disheartening. I then started to look for a literary agent, thinking that would be my in with a publisher. That again proved to be slow and unproductive. I then came upon an article about how many authors I was aware of started out by self-publishing. I was amazed by the list. I then started to look more into the self-publishing route and found some interesting things. My personality is one that I am a get it done kind of person. I do have a problem with waiting and waiting, and if I really wanted my book out I felt I needed to get it out there. I know many other writers and authors and they know the importance of momentum. I was losing my momentum waiting to go the "traditional" route. After careful thought, I finally made the decision to self-publish. I took my time to research and finally found what I felt was the perfect service to assist me in self-publishing. From concept to having the finished product in my hand took four months. I know without a doubt going the other route would have taken a year plus.

I am happily using Createspace and have really enjoyed the self-publishing route. It is impossible for me to know how things would be otherwise, as I don't have anything else to compare it to. What I love is my publishing happens as fast as I can get my books completed, proofed and uploaded. After having my first book out for only two weeks, I decided to have a Spanish version. Within one month that book went live and for sale. If I had a traditional publisher, that would not have happened.

I use social media a lot. My book has its own page on Facebook and it connects with others on Facebook. I like using it as a means to notify and update my fans.

As of right now, I am enjoying my success so far going it alone. My sales have been good and I have booked interviews, readings, radio interviews and reviews all by myself. I do use a small PR firm but I know the cost of them is less than had I had a publisher. So to answer honestly, I am not looking for a publisher at all.

I have had only one rejection and that was by a library. Otherwise I haven't seen any rejections from media. 

The self-publishing route is a lonely road. You must be prepared to do it all. If you are the personality type that needs or feels you need support or someone to help, then self-publishing may not work. Self-publishing works well for those that are super energized, motivated and entrepreneurial. In the end, when you are successful as a self-published author the publishing houses then will take note and come to you. I have to applaud all authors out there who are risking everything and putting themselves out there. Just completing your book is a huge success, getting it published is another; everything after that is icing on the cake.

Author Interview: Dorinne Davis  Click here

Author Interview Sally Franz: Click Here
Author Interview Debra Ann Pawlak: Click Here 

Author Interview: Betsy Balega Click Here


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Independent Vs. Traditional Publishing - Author Interview: Debra Ann Pawlak

The questions posed to each author are at the bottom of the first part of this series. To see the article and questions, please click here:  Independent Vs. Traditional Publishing

 Debra Ann Pawlak,
Bringing Up Oscar,
The Men and Women Who Founded the Academy

USA Book News announced their 2011 book award winners and finalists yesterday--'Bringing Up Oscar' was the winner in the 'History: Media/Entertainment' category! That makes two awards for Oscar this year! Very exciting!

My publisher is Pegasus Books, LLC of New York. I received a 'nice' advance (according to Publishers Weekly) and Pegasus came highly recommended by my agent, Mr. Peter Riva. Previously, I had two books published (without representation) via small presses who offered no advances, so I was pleased with my contract--after all, everyone has to start somewhere. This contract only addressed Bringing Up Oscar, The Men and Women Who Founded the Academy but another Hollywood book in the series is currently under consideration.

My book debuted in January 2011. Hardcover and electronic versions are available with a paperback scheduled to come out in January 2012. Pegasus Books has been wonderful to work with. They took care of sending out advance reading copies and contacting major media outlets. I worked well with my editor, who not only answered my questions thoroughly and promptly, but helped worked through unexpected issues when they arose.  I could not have asked for better.

I do have a Facebook page called Hollywood:  Tales from Tinseltown. I update daily with interesting movie trivia from silents to sound, as well as book news when it is warranted. I love interacting with and getting to know my members. My publisher has worked with me in setting up book signings, interviews, etc.

I have been featured in USA News on a couple of occasions. Publishers Weekly also gave Bringing Up Oscar a fabulous review. The book was also named Runner Up in the nonfiction category of the 2011 Hollywood Book Fesitval. I have also written guest blogs for The Writer and Angela Hoy's Writers Weekly.

I have no intention of self-publishing at this time. For me, the support of a good agent and traditional publisher has been invaluable as I navigate through the world of publishing. There is just so much to learn from their collective experiences.

Money aside, writing this book has been a wonderful experience. My main goal was to present the thirty-six founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and how they helped shape the film industry we know today. Most people have no idea how or why Oscar came about--even though a couple of names (i.e., Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks) are familiar. Their contributions to filmmaking have been mostly forgotten but these thirty-six people were at the top of their Hollywood game in 1927.  How they got there and what they did makes for a compelling and unique tale.  They should not be forgotten!

I was given the final cover for approval/input. I am not a marketing expert, but with Audrey Hepburn on the cover, I couldn't go wrong! I was not involved with the pricing.

Author Interview: Dorinne Davis  Click here
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Independent Vs. Traditional Publishing - Author Interview: Dorinne Davis

The questions posed to each author are at the bottom of the first part of this series. To see the article and questions, please click here:  Independent Vs. Traditional Publishing

Dorinne Davis

After sending my book to a publisher and waiting for six months for a rejection response back in the early 80's, a friend who had self-published suggested I find a book broker who would help me find a printing company.  I had a friend do the editing who had done this as a profession before retiring. Then we gave it to the broker who found the best deal for me. I formed my own company, got my ISBN numbers, found ways to sell and broker the book through the big companies like Barnes and Noble. This worked well so I did another book. By the time my third book was written, I wanted to go the traditional route. I had the manuscript into three companies this time. One was interested and I was waiting on their response during the month of September 2001. Well, 9/11 hit and so my book was not given a chance.  At that time, my topic was slightly different and a mother of a client of mine offered to 'take on' the project as she had been a Senior Editor at Lippincott prior to having children. She has some personal challenges and the book took three years to get printed. During those three years, I formed a company with my husband anticipating that I would write more books on the same topic and interest others in publishing with us. That went well until the divorce. Prior to the divorce though, I self-published my fourth book. It was easier to do than to get the rejections from the publishers.

For me self-publishing wasn't about going to a company that allowed you to publish any book on a pay as you print basis.  My experience with self-publishing was before this phenomena was created. Social media wasn't in existence either. However, I do use it now for the same books I published earlier and to spread the word on what i do.

I like the personal touch that small publishers have but think mid-size publishers can get you more clout when trying to promote your book.

Haven't tried high profile media yet with my upcoming book but didn't have too bad an experience with my third book. I did get to be on a few TV shows.

When first starting, my advice is to self-publish.

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