Friday, March 23, 2012

3rd Graders Engage In Oral Sex At School

I saw the shocking headline 3rd Graders Reportedly Have Oral Sex Under Desk, Teacher Fired For Not Noticing and immediately thought; another example of why parents should be pro-active when tackling the issue of sex education in the home.

As an author of a book on first time sex meant for teens and virgins, I occasionally catch some flack from parents saying teens should not talk about or even know anything about sex. It's understandable that the idea of your child thinking about, engaging in or talking about sex is an uncomfortable one, but when you delude yourself as a parent and see your child as the exception, you do your child a disservice. You leave them to find out for themselves about sex and they usually get their information from peers, television and social media and that information is usually not accurate.

Here's the deal. Children are exposed to sex. Somehow, some way these third graders found out about oral sex. I'll tell you, when I was eight, there was NO WAY IN HELL, I would have let ANYONE see my private parts. But that's me. There are those youngsters who don't take issue and don't feel that same kind of embarrassment. I personally don't think what they did was wrong. But I also think that it should be explained to them that it isn't appropriate and why this kind of behavior is not to be repeated. Not by shaming them or by telling them that curiosity about sex is wrong but by being honest. I would ask where they saw this behavior and LISTEN to how they reply. I would explain that these kinds of actions are designated for adults as an expression of emotion and that they are done in private. Maybe compare it to drinking alcohol. It's only for people of a certain age and must be done responsibly. Let them know it's a difficult subject and not easy for them to understand but ask them to trust you and one day they will see why this sort of thing is not acceptable for people their age.

By raging, freaking out and making them feel shameful, you don't help them. You may even be encouraging them to be more curious.

Take a look at three fifteen year-old females talking about how they feel when it comes to parents, sex and thoughts on my book, The Virgin Diaries.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Open Letter To The American People - America Is Dying

WTF America????

Is this the kind of country our forefathers envisioned?

Remember when life was kind of normal? It wasn't too long ago. It's not hard to pinpoint when the downfall of this country started. November 2000. The fixed election. And yes, it was fixed, they made a movie about it - Recount.

The Bush Administration. It wasn't George W. Bush. He didn't have enough intelligence. It was Rove and Cheney and they were/are ruled by people like the Koch Brothers and The Rockefellers. The people with big money. Money talks. George was a pawn in the game, chosen because he was 'likable." "The kind of guy you could have a beer with." And when the numbers didn't get him the win, they manipulated the system and boom, WE ALL ACCEPTED IT!

We accepted this man, even though we knew it was fraud because life was still good. Big screen TVs, new cars, homes, vacations. No one was uncomfortable so no one did anything other than bitch and complain. We made fun of our idiot President and the stupid things that came out of his mouth. This was where our focus was. NOT WHAT WAS GOING ON BEHIND THE SCENES. The bigger picture. The demise of the middle class and ultimately, the American way.

As Americans, we are so easily distracted. We have the attention span of a gnat and when we allow insignificant information like the size of Kim Kardashian's butt or the funny Facebook picture to over-shadow what's really important, we feed the cancer that is killing our beloved American pursuit of happiness. Maybe because it's easier to deal with than the fact we are losing the country we grew up in, that we loved, that offered us promise. Nobody wants to believe this but sticking your head in the sand is not the answer. Pretending everything isn't that bad is only making it worse.

For nine months in 1981, when I was 12, I lived in Moscow Russia. I saw communism with my own eyes. I hear Republicans screaming that Liberals are Socialist and Communist and they've succeeded in making people believe these words have the same definition. They do not. What I observed when I lived in Moscow was that people had NO choice. They were told where to work and how they could live. Seven people squeezed into a one or two bedroom apartment and slept in the kitchen by the stove for warmth. Societies under extreme constraint never last. Ever. It's not equal or fair to the majority and whether it's for economic reasons or because people finally can't take it anymore and decide to revolt, those societies fail. This is slowly happening here. Our choices, our freedoms are, one by one, being stripped away. Extremism NEVER works.

As a country, we have fallen victim to fighting against ourselves rather than uniting and fighting against those who are slowly and very successfully stealing our freedom.

The answer is much simpler than we are allowing it to be. WE are the answer. This is OUR country. What terrifies me is that we are becoming so divided, fighting amongst ourselves and not doing what's important to secure our own and our children's future. We are doing exactly what the ones who are out to cut the middle class want us to do. I honestly don't know if we've gone past the point of no return. Hatred, fear and ignorance are trumping truth, common decency and remembering what this country was supposed to be: a melting pot with people of all colors and all religions. Not just wealthy white Christians.

In February of this year an elderly woman, Hallie Jean Mayes Knauss Culpepper fell and refused to see a doctor because Fox News told her that "Obamacare" had death panels. This woman was not stupid. She had run two businesses in her youth. She was a lifelong Republican and her news source lead her to believe that she was in danger of being killed if she visited a doctor. She died days later. This story proves that we are failing. We are doing ourselves in by refusing to seek the truth and instead believing the propaganda from those who wish to dominate and control everything. Call me paranoid but take a look around people. Our country has changed for the worse in the last ten years and these changes are snowballing.

We can't find jobs, we don't have enough money to pay for our own health insurance, we have extreme debt, both as private citizens and as a nation. We don't trust each other. And it's just getting worse every single day. The GOP is fighting to destroy the middle class. They hate Obama and will do anything, including opposing the very ideas they came up with if Obama decides to move forward with those issues. They call him a “Muslim” to this day and the die-hard Tea Party members refuse to accept his birth certificate as legitimate, providing a platform for extremists like Orly Taitz. Bullies like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter continue to further these lies. Coulter recently suggested that the right should now go after the Obama’s two young girls.

The responsibility lies with the people as a whole. Not an individual. It's not Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney, Ron Paul or even Barack Obama. None of these individuals are going to save this country from what is really happening. It's up to the American people. Either we stop hating each other and come together as a nation to have all the things that make life WORTH living or we continue to stew in our fear, our anger and our hatred and allow victory to those who want to create a country where the rich have all the power and the rest are left to serve. That is Communism. It's a decision YOU make to be tolerant. To work for the greater good for everyone. Otherwise, in ten more years we will be facing a very dim existence where no one is going have any choice, except the very few who have all the money.

I am not saying only the Liberals have the answer. Both parties have flaws. There have always been disagreements by the two parties. Before the Bush Administration, we were able to exist with compromise. Even centerist Republicans are saying their party is out of control and they don't like the direction their party has taken. It's not about Republicans against Democrats or the reverse. Barbara Bush was spot on when she said “I hate that people think compromise is a dirty word." “It’s not a dirty word.”

We all want the same things, no matter what political ideology we have. We all want good health care, an education, a nice home and some security, and then when we're old and no longer able to work, a system in place that takes care of us that we've paid into our whole working lives. Not hand-outs.

Educate yourself with the facts. Vote. Stop hating. Can we do this? Will we do this? Will YOU do this? It's really much simpler than we are making it. But we as a people must wake up and make the change ourselves. Otherwise, Hello Big Brother. Good-bye Freedom.

One person cannot provide the answer. It's each American choosing responsibility. Doing what's right for all of us. Not just a group or an individual. Not just a group or an individual. Vote. Participate. Volunteer and make sure that the GOP doesn’t steal the presidency again.

I ask this of you, if you choose to make a comment, make it productive. You can disagree but be civil and offer what it you can do that's positive and can help us unite rather than keep us divided.

Thank you for reading

Sunday, March 18, 2012

An Open Letter To Rush Limbaugh From A Liberal Slut

Dear, Dear Rush,

I saw an article on Addicting Info by Michael Hayne, calling you a "blob of buffoonery," wishing I had coined that phrase. The article is titled: Rush Limbaugh Says Republicans Aren't Anti-Women, Because They 'Buy Them Diamonds And Meals'

Wow! The headline alone had me in stitches. I heard your rant on the link the article provided and I must say, you never cease to astound me. Your blatant disregard for everyone with a brain has reached new heights in the last month. From spending NINE hours on Sandra Fluke, calling her a slut, a prostitute and asking that she tape herself having sex to attacking Tracie McMillan, author of The American Way Of Eating.

Clearly, Ms. McMillan has some useful tips in her book for you on healthy eating habits. I will gladly purchase the book and send it to you if you let me know the best address. I get that you want to pick on Fluke and call her a slut. I mean she is an outspoken, eloquent woman who stood up for women's reproductive rights. Women with brains obviously frighten you, so you resorted to lying about what she actually said and called her horrible names. But picking on McMillan is beyond my comprehension. My only guess there is that you suffer from the delusion best portrayed in this photo.

Your recent comment about how buying women diamonds and dinner means there's no war on women is freaking classic!

On a more serious note, I think it's really a sad commentary on the American people that you have as many followers as you do. It proves that those who listen to you are unable to form their own conclusions about life and need a blob of buffoonery to guide them. I take solace in knowing they are not the majority. They are only part of the lunatic fringe and despite your best efforts to stay on the air, the heat is on you. Advertisers are pulling out (no pun intended) and most people on Facebook and social media are making fun of you. I mean sure, you go on and on about how you're not hurting from the backlash you've created but c'mon, I know that you're shaking in your shorts. I can almost see you shaking when you're all alone, curled up in the fetal position, crying about the filthy liberals and how your asinine statements are getting you deeper in hot water.

Remember Glenn Beck? Where is he now? I don't know. No one ever posts or talks about him anymore. Maybe he's melting all of his gold jewelry now, or giving it to some slut to show how much he respects women. I don't know and I don't care. You're still in the public eye, much to so many thinking people's chagrin. Since you are still here, it's fun to make fun of you and take bets on how long you'll last.

You'll see, in the fall when Obama gets re-elected, your hot air will soon turn cold. And instead of just over two minutes of dead air on your radio program, there will be a radio show taking your place. No one really likes you. You're a blow-hard, you're full of yourself and you clearly hate women. You also hate men with brains and anyone else who doesn't fall for your bullshit. For now, you do provide a bit of comic relief. People like you and Sarah Palin used to scare me. Not anymore. The American people have woken up.

Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks said it better than I could. So enjoy the video and pardon me while I go eat me some free birth control and have a nice bowl of fresh greens!

A Filthy, Liberal Slut!! :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Priest Who Lied: Open Letter to Bishop Barry Knestout

I am choosing to make this letter public and posting it on my blog because the incident that occurred with my cousin Barbara Johnson upsets me a great deal. The treatment she received by Father Guarnizo is unbelievable to me. As I mention in this letter, this is not about religion. But I wish to add this. I am positive that many a Catholic who have "sinned" have accepted communion. Divorced folks, women who use birth control as well as homosexuals and people who have lied. We are human beings. The priest does not deny the larger part of the congregation communion or even question those who appear to receive it during every mass. Barbara Johnson was singled out. If you are so inclined, please email the Bishop in support of the Johnson family. Some in the Catholic church have publicized his email asking people to support Father Guarnizo.

Dear Bishop Barry Knestout, ( )

I am writing to you about the incident that occurred during Loetta Johnson's funeral on February 25, 2012.

I have seen much of the chatter online. Some defend Barbara, some defend Father Guarnizo.

In a written statement Fr. Guarnizo made some pretty egregious statements concerning Barbara Johnson. On a personal level, I was infuriated as I read his statement. I am related to Barbara but was not at the funeral. Many family members were in attendance and witnessed what really happened with their own eyes.

I wish to address what the Father says about his introduction to my cousin. He states in the article:
"A few minutes before the Mass began, Ms. Johnson came into the sacristy with another woman whom she announced as her 'lover.' Her revelation was completely unsolicited. As I attempted to follow Ms. Johnson, her lover stood in our narrow sacristy physically blocking my pathway to the door. I politely asked her to move and she refused."

Barbara is a peaceful, very laid-back person, as is her partner. They have a very nice life and are happy people. Neither woman uses the word "lover" to describe their relationship. The Father's claim that he "politely" asked her partner to move and that she refused is preposterous. Why would she do this at the funeral of her partner's mother? Why would she choose to pick a fight or "dare" the Priest conducting the mass? This would be very out of character for either woman. Why would Barbara want to make a political statement about her homosexuality on the worst and saddest day of her life? She was saying a final good-bye to her mother. If anyone were to think about this for one minute and leave their personal opinions out of it, it makes no sense that Barbara would act in such a way. The priest himself refers to Barbara's partner in this statement as "lover", not friend or partner. From a psychological stance, his choice of the word lover here is suspect, at least it is to me. It doesn't come across as Priestly.

My family witnessed Fr. Guarnizo denying Barbara communion as well as seeing him walk off the altar as she gave her eulogy. He mentioned in his response that two eulogies were given. He only left the altar while Barbara was delivering hers. They also witnessed Barbara having to find an alternative priest to accompany the family to the cemetary to deliver the final blessing because Fr. Guarnizo claimed he had a migraine.

This is not about religion. This is about what one human being did to another on the hardest day of her life. Father Guarnizo clearly states that he became aware that Barbara was a lesbian BEFORE the service began. If he had a problem with giving her communion, the time to say something was in private before the funeral started. Not in the middle and in front of the entire family. It was in fact Father Guarnizo who made a political statement, not Barbara. He says that he "quietly withheld communion." Withholding communion to a woman in the middle of her mother's funeral is not choosing a quiet way to make his very obvious point. The rest of his statement goes on to completely proclaim his innocence and call both my cousin and the archdiocese liars. He ends with "I remain my bishop’s and my Church’s, and above all Christ Jesus’ obedient servant..."

How can he make this claim? His statement reads as complete defense. He takes no responsibility for his hurtful actions and calls everyone else a liar. I don't know this man personally but what he writes comes off as someone who is using his position to defend his horrible decision and actions. He displays no regret or compassion, only contempt for the church and for Barbara.

Again, this is not about her right to communion in the church's or Father Guarnizo eyes. It is not about politics or Barbara's lifestyle. It's about the lack of compassion from a man, a priest, and how he treated a woman while she laid her mother to rest. It is indeed Father Guarnizo who wished to make a political statement about homosexuality and his disdain and complete disregard for her or the rest of the family.

It is not the job of a human being to judge another and the "job" of a priest is to guide and teach the message of God and Jesus with empathy and compassion. It is not meant to be used as a way to punish those with whom the priest disagrees.

I hope you are able to see this unfortunate situation with clarity and an open heart. I feel so much for Barbara and all of her siblings as now, this sad day is over-shadowed by the horrific events that took place. I would not wish that experience on anyone.


Kimberley A. Johnson

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Open Letter To Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron

Dear Kirk Cameron,

Recently on CNN, you said: "I should be able to express moral views on social issues," You told ABC News via email, "especially those that have been the underpinning of Western civilization for 2,000 years — without being slandered, accused of hate speech, and told from those who preach 'tolerance' that I need to either bend my beliefs to their moral standards or be silent when I'm in the public square." These statements are in reference to your anti-gay remarks to Piers Morgan and your claims that homosexuality is unnatural.

Really??? So basically, you want to shame homosexuals, try to convince them that who they are is wrong. Because you have decided it is. Then, when your ignorant words upset people, you refuse to understand why. You throw a rock, and stand there utterly surprised when a rock is thrown your way. Frankly, I wish I could throw a boulder at you, hypothetically speaking.

You're fortunate to live in a country where you have the freedom to say what you think and feel. So why is it hard for you to understand that when you are spewing hate, you piss people off? Now, you may say "Hey Kimberley, I am not spewing hate, I am just quoting what I heard in church." To that I answer, your words are indeed hateful. You are judging someone else. You are publicly condemning people's lives and using your "fame" to preach your personal beliefs. Isn't that the job of God and not you? It's sickening to me how many so called "righteous, God loving-fearing" people are the ones who are saying mean and nasty things about fellow human beings.

You may have heard the recent story about the priest who walked out of a woman's funeral because her daughter is gay. That daughter is my cousin and before you get all Holy-Roller judgmental about my gay cousin, let me tell you what really happened. Barbara was burying her mother...did you get that? BURYING HER MOTHER and the priest was aware BEFORE the service that Barbara is gay. Rather than taking her aside before things got started, this priest decided to deny my cousin communion right in the middle of the funeral, in front of the whole family. He then walked off the alter during her eulogy and then, to top it all off, left and DID NOT FINISH his priestly duty by refusing to accompany the family to the cemetery to deliver the final blessing. You may argue that because my cousin is gay, she should not receive communion but before you do, I will remind you that this is not the point. The point is this priest was calculated, he chose to make an example of my cousin at her mother's funeral, a completely disgusting thing to do. All because he has decided that being homosexual is a sin against God. His actions were not "religious." It was a man treating a woman poorly because he personally judged her and chose to make an example of her on the worst and hardest day of her life.

What would Jesus do, Kirk? Would Jesus humiliate someone while she buries her mother? I highly doubt it and even though you aren't the one who treated my cousin so poorly, you are part of the problem. Using a public platform to disgrace, discount and look down on others is not a way to display the brotherly love you say you are promoting.

Additionally, you and many others out there say that homosexuality is unnatural. That is not an opinion based on fact. It's a closed-minded judgement that you force feed to others in order to validate your own fears and insecurities. I am not sure why it scares you so much that homosexuality exists, that's for you and God to figure out but the fact is Kirk, it does exist. It exists and thousands of species including dolphins, birds and monkeys have a homosexual population. Here are three articles to back up this fact:

Now I am not sure what it is you say to dismiss science but whatever it is holds absolutely no water with me, or anyone with a brain, even half a brain. These articles are not theories, rather examples of other species engaging in homosexual behavior.

If you are so perplexed as to why you were scolded by so many who feel your message is hateful, ignorant and just plain malarkey, perhaps you and God should have a long talk. Maybe if you open your heart to what love, tolerance and acceptance really means, you will see that you are in no position to judge anyone. You are some guy who starred on a TV show a long time ago. Now you use the small platform you have to tell people how your choices are better than theirs. You are fortunate to have that platform. But you are not helping to bring people together in love. You are helping to create division, judgment and inequality. So suck it up when you are met with confusion and anger. You asked for it.


Kimberley A. Johnson

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In The Minds Of Men: How Do They Cope With Lost Love?

Dear Diary,

I called him around 2:00 today. He didn't
answer. I didn't leave a message. He always used
to call me right back. It's 9:30 and nothing. I
looked at his Facebook and he hasn't been on.
He's probably on a date, having sex with some
exciting NEW woman. Some stupid woman who
doesn't yet realize that he's an ASS!!!!
This sucks! I HATE that I miss him. I wish I didn't
think about him all the time. I wish I was
stronger. I wish I was more like a man. They can
just go out with someone else and it's no big
Why isn't he calling me back???? I REALLY have
ANYMORE!!! But I can't help it. Does he think
about me? Does he even miss me? Tomorrow is
the anniversary of our first date. I'll bet he
doesn't even realize or care. Why do I even
I just wish that I knew if he was thinking about
me. That I still mean something to him. Why
isn't he calling me back? It's so much easier for
men! It's NOT FAIR!!!

What every woman wants to know!

How do men REALLY feel when they lose the one they love? Modern society tells them they must suck it up but inside the emotions are strong. Thirty-eight men found a forum and they told it like it is, while observations from psychics, therapists and bartenders shine a light on the inner workings of the psyche of the man who has lost love through betrayal, divorce, death or bad timing.

The Marine who got a Dear John letter while serving in Iraq.

The guy who lost his woman because of FAKE BOOBS!

Left at the altar!

She dumped him and then asked for advice about her new boyfriend.

How the economic downturn was responsible for one man’s broken heart.

The straight married man who took a gay lover.


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Friday, March 2, 2012

Lawrence O'Donnell's Farewell To Andrew Breitbart

On Thursday evening The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell did a piece on the death of Andrew Breitbart. O'Donnell chose to focus on the positive side of Breitbart and recall a personal story where they met on the street while O'Donnell was on the way to a "liberal" party. The two, who were at odds publicly but were cordial privately, decided to attend the party together. O'Donnell reports that Breitbart stayed at the party long after he left and was engaging in a joyful conversation with a reporter who was also at odds with him publicly.

I saw a conversation on Twitter with Meredith: @jerzegrl and O'Donnell: @Lawrence discussing this. I wanted to chime in but this won't fit in a Tweet!

Meredith: All we saw of him was the "public" side. We didn't have the "pleasure" of knowing him the way you did. #Breitbart.  So you'll excuse some of us if we don't buy the "Trust us he was good people" argument.

O'Donnell: I understand that. You use the info you have in making judgments about people. I wasn't trying to change minds, just sharing memories.

While I admire anyone who will choose to stay on the positive side, I feel it's also important to recognize the truth of any situation. I do believe this is what O'Donnell does on a consistent basis. However, what O'Donnell didn't say last night was that Breitbart was part of a huge problem in America. Publicly he was very negative, which helped fuel the fire to the division this country is facing. This division is a cancer slowly eating away at the core of who and what our forefathers envisioned us to be.

I have seen some posts and commentary on social media that are ugly and not necessary, calling Breitbart names and expressing elation because this man has died. This does nothing to mend what's wrong with our country either. It actually increases the divide. But I think that only reporting on a fun night these two men had at a party is not serving the country. O'Donnell holds a high and important position and has influence. It's clear to me that his job is not only to report the truth but to somehow make a difference in a positive way. I would guess this is how he sees it too.

In my humble opinion, I believe Breitbart, as well as others who spew hatred needs to be addressed on a national level by an influential personality in a way that demonstrates how this negative rhetoric is tearing us apart as a nation. This doesn't mean that someone has to speak ill of the dead, rather the truth should be spoken with dignity and at the very least, suggestions tendered on how to move forward in a positive direction.

Reporting the truth of who someone was in life is not speaking ill of the dead. By only recounting a joyful experience O'Donnell had with Breitbart, I see an opportunity missed.