Monday, April 25, 2011

The Virgin Diaries

Available in print and the Kindle price is only $2.99
A 44 year old male robot  describes his "first time." Actual story from the book.

When I originally came up for the idea of this book, I simply thought it would make an interesting read. As I designed the questionnaire, I realized the importance of the opportunity I had. To create a book that would give virgins a non-biased view on first time sex.

So often you hear things from friends that are not accurate. I was told how great it was. Parents just don't want you to even think about it but the fact is we are human beings and there will always be a natural, healthy curiosity about sex and what it's like.

Most of us know the mechanics, how it works but most virgins don't have a real understanding of what to expect emotionally. How you will feel during and afterward.

The Virgin Diaries offers stories from both sexes and even six gay stories. This provides the reader with the "other person's" point of view. Not surprisingly, most of the women who shared their story report that their first time was less than thrilling, while males (most of them) loved it. A surprise for me was the person in this book who was the oldest to have first time sex was a male in his early thirties.

The stories are anonymous, candid, awkward, funny and sad.
It has been delightful to find both men and women of all ages, including the Baby Boomer generation really enjoying reading it as well as finding value.

For those parents who wish to help educate their children on sex but aren't quite sure how to bring it up, The Virgin Diaries is a great way to start a dialogue. I have had many parents thank me for making this available and it gave them a starting point. Most say they read it first and then leave it around for their teens to find on their own rather than handing it to them.

Here is a video with three fifteen-year-old girls sharing their thoughts on "The Talk" and the book.

One last note, one reviewer mentioned she didn't feel that The Virgin Diaries was appropriate for teens under eighteen. While it is not my place to tell parents how to raise their children, please keep in mind a great many people in this book (including females) lost their virginity before eighteen. They did not ask permission. They did not announce it. They were curious and one fifteen year old female who was "the good girl" and on the honor role wound up pregnant. So if you are a parent, a virgin or anyone who is interested in the psychology of humanity, The Virgin Diaries is a totally unique book designed to educate, inform and entertain. More info including two full stories are on my site
Thanks for reading.

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  1. The theme of your topic is fabulous.
    It touches on something that happens to all of us, everyone can relate and why not talk about it?
    Congrats to you!