Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Peacock Mating Ritual And How It Relates To Women!

Today I met a woman. I will call her Brenda. We were discussing Here She Comes: A Tasteful and Titlating Exploration of the Female Response, and how it's such a shame that women don't feel empowered enough to speak up in the bedroom. Brenda brought up an excellent point. She talked about how it is in nature, more specifically the Peacock Mating Ritual. The male is the "beautiful" one. He has all the feathers and when it comes time to mate, he shows the female his beauty and beckons her. Watch him here:

With humans, it's the opposite. The women are the ones to primp and woo the men. When it comes time for intimacy, women tend to stay quiet about their needs. Brenda mentioned that she is not one of those women and feels, in part, that is why she is single. Her belief is that most men don't really care or want to know how to properly please their mate. I thought about this and it made me angry. WHY IS THIS???

In the stories that have come in so far, women have reported that in some instances when a woman expresses her sexual desires to her partner, the man gets defensive or simply refuses to satisfy her in the way that will guarantee her an orgasm. He gets one every time. EVERY TIME!

I pose this question to the women: What if, all of a sudden, every woman from now on, insists on having an orgasm every time she has sex? Sure, it's fun to be intimate and feel the closeness of another human being but if he isn't doing the job, why really bother? A good toy can take his place when it comes to the climax. If every woman refused to have sex unless she got hers, how do you think men would react? Would they give up? Turn gay? Masturbate? No, they would step up to the plate because there is no substitute for real breasts and a real vagina. But it is really up to the women!

In the seventies, we burned our bras, we started taking birth control and it was empowering! We made great strides as a gender. Unfortunately we are still letting many men get away with being lazy in the sack.
For those who feel like I am male bashing, I am not. I know not all men are only out for themselves but more importantly, for the most part, men haven't had to make the effort because NO ONE is telling them to.

There is a revolution going on now in the world with the banks. People have had enough and the movement is global. Am I so egocentric to think that my blog is going to change they way men and women have sex all over the world overnight? Of course not but it has to start somewhere. Why not with you?
Take a clue from the Peacock. The female has to be convinced. So do we!

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  1. There are parts of your post that I agree with very much... I have found that most of my partners are willing to listen.. those that aren't don't remain in my bed for long.

    I believe you are right, we out number men, why should we hope that we get pleasure out of intercourse, we should demand it and do like the peacocks.

  2. I was watching the news a couple of months ago and they had this lady on there that had written a book, something about relationships and after they discussed some of her points the news lady said and remember when you go to bed tonight that the man wants to feel loved... And I'm going WHAT? Wait a minute don't you think the woman wants to feel loved also? It is a man's world and always has been, maybe that will change.....someday!