Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crazy: A Review

Someone is stalking star chef Emily Simonson. That someone wants her dead, but first, that someone wants her terrified. And that someone has figured out the perfect way to do it.

Aspiring actresses who bear a resemblance to Emily are being murdered and before each murder, a warning is sent. But those warnings don’t tell who, where or when. Who is next? And when will it be Emily’s turn to die?

CRAZY takes you into the mind of a fiendish killer who, fueled by Satanic fantasies and a mysterious Guardian, wreaks havoc in Hollywood. There’s a lunatic on the loose. Who will be the final victim?

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I don’t normally write book reviews but I am making an exception.

The book: CRAZY: a psychological thriller by Ann Werner (my mother and writing partner).

My mother and I run ARK Stories Publishing and CRAZY is our latest release.  Obviously you might be thinking I have an ulterior motive (actually two motives). Well, of course I want you to buy the book because if you enjoy thrillers, I have a feeling you’ll be telling your friends about this one. So even though I am one of the publishers of this title, I honestly love this story so much, I am going to post my review here.

The lead character is Emily Simonson, a six foot blonde, who used to be an actress and is now an author being stalked by a crazy serial killer. Emily’s character is based on me. The funny thing is, when my mother wrote this story, I was still an actress. Interesting that I became an author and I’m hoping the parallels stop there.

CRAZY is a new twist on a serial killer. You haven’t read or seen this particular story before. Like American Psycho, the backdrop is not dark or dank  as it is in Silence Of The Lambs (which I love). I like to describe it as “colorful macabre.” We are introduced to The Guardian early on and realize that the person stalking Emily is a very disturbed individual who has no real grasp on reality. As the serial killer executes the plan of terror with the intense determination of eventual victory, we are left to wonder just who hates Emily so much?

Tall blonde actresses who resemble Emily are being killed off in a gruesome fashion. The lunatic killer has a fierce, diabolical passion and absolute resolve. Dark humor adds a distinctive layer to the murders. The characters are well defined and it reads like a movie. The pace is swift and the story builds with a measured intensity that keeps the reader wondering how and if Emily can survive this nightmare that forces her to live in a prison of fear, terror and self-blame.

My favorite part of the book—as with any good thriller—is the creepy factor. I love scary stories. Some of the scenarios in CRAZY are pretty extreme, even the ones that aren’t bloody—especially the ones that aren’t bloody, are spooky. 

If you like a good, scary novel, you will really enjoy this book! Everyone who has read it so far said they couldn’t put it down. Now we need reviews. So please, if you get the book (and like it) post a review on Amazon.

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  1. Sounds like a great read, I will check it out. Got your details from Goodreads, so will be checking your facebook and twitter, dont worry not stalking you.....