Saturday, July 7, 2012

30 Things That Make My Life Worth Living

It’s hot and I’m bored.

I usually write about politics and though I enjoy it, I want to deviate from it to make a totally stupid and useless blog post.

That said, here’s my list in no particular order (except no. 1):

1. Richard Gere’s butt in American Gigolo.

2. Butterscotch topping.

3. Kittens and puppies.

4. The Rolling Stones.

5. Ruby Red nail polish.

6. French Fries.

7. Flirting with a hot guy.

8. Liam Neeson.

9. Best In Show.

10. Iced tea with mint.

11.Orange Peels (that’s a code and only a few know what it means).

12. Laughing so hard, you can’t catch your breath.

13. Truth.

14. Reading a great thriller.


16. When you fall asleep with only a sheet but wake up chilly and put an extra blanket on and fall right back to sleep.

17. Knowing that Rush Limbaugh can’t live forever.

18. Acting like you’re 18 when you’re in your 40’s.

19. The Brady Bunch.

20. Pudding.

21. Knowing someone loves me.

22. Loving someone so much.

23. Teasing kids. (Sorry, I blame my father and my Uncle Bobby).

24. Walking barefoot in grass.

25. Elvis: The early years.

26. Swimming on a hot day.

27. Speaking with a fake accent and fooling people with it.

28. Finding $20 on the street.

29. Helping an old person carry heavy stuff.

30. Did I mention Richard Gere’s butt in American Gigolo?

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  1. Ha! With regard to item #27: When I was in college at UF, I had an assignment given to me by a professor teaching a course pertaining to special education wherein I had to build a tower out of straws with another student (in the middle of the campus courtyard in front of the main campus libraries). Then I had to try to explain my tower to other students passing by, pretending to have some communicative disability, so I did it using "deaf speech" and a lot of sign language. I remember this cute guy that I went up to was very kind and he stood there and listened to me and then said "Oh...that's VERY niiiiice" as though speaking to a cognitively challenged person. It was hard to stay in character, needless to say. I felt like I did a good job. LOL P.S. folks; deafness does not equate with being mentally challenged:0