Tuesday, August 28, 2012

You Have A Dating Story - I Want It For A Book

I’m collecting new stories on dating for a book. I want them to be from both men and women. You can be credited, use first name only or be anonymous .
IMPORTANT – All submissions MUST contain this release. Copy and paste it into an email (No word docs). Emails only. Stories that don’t have the release included in the email will not be used.
I agree to release all rights to ARK Stories and understand that the stories may be used in whole or in part for the purposes of publication, promotion and/or distribution in any manner. I understand there is no compensation for my story and that if published, my story will be anonymous unless otherwise specified.
Send your completed submission to: nsots68@gmail.com
I am looking for entertaining stories. They can be funny, shocking, sad, really romantic, weird, unbelievable, horrible but most of all they must be entertaining. Anything goes. For instance, a story you would share at dinner with friends. It can be a first date, a last date or any kind of date. BE DETAILED! Details are the most important part. I am accepting both hetero and homosexual dating stories. In fact, any sexual orientation. No one is excluded.
No word count. The most interesting stories will be chosen. You may also submit more than one story but please send them separately.
So send them in. Share this with your friends and thank you.

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