Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In The Minds Of Men: How Do They Cope With Lost Love?

Dear Diary,

I called him around 2:00 today. He didn't
answer. I didn't leave a message. He always used
to call me right back. It's 9:30 and nothing. I
looked at his Facebook and he hasn't been on.
He's probably on a date, having sex with some
exciting NEW woman. Some stupid woman who
doesn't yet realize that he's an ASS!!!!
This sucks! I HATE that I miss him. I wish I didn't
think about him all the time. I wish I was
stronger. I wish I was more like a man. They can
just go out with someone else and it's no big
Why isn't he calling me back???? I REALLY have
ANYMORE!!! But I can't help it. Does he think
about me? Does he even miss me? Tomorrow is
the anniversary of our first date. I'll bet he
doesn't even realize or care. Why do I even
I just wish that I knew if he was thinking about
me. That I still mean something to him. Why
isn't he calling me back? It's so much easier for
men! It's NOT FAIR!!!

What every woman wants to know!

How do men REALLY feel when they lose the one they love? Modern society tells them they must suck it up but inside the emotions are strong. Thirty-eight men found a forum and they told it like it is, while observations from psychics, therapists and bartenders shine a light on the inner workings of the psyche of the man who has lost love through betrayal, divorce, death or bad timing.

The Marine who got a Dear John letter while serving in Iraq.

The guy who lost his woman because of FAKE BOOBS!

Left at the altar!

She dumped him and then asked for advice about her new boyfriend.

How the economic downturn was responsible for one man’s broken heart.

The straight married man who took a gay lover.


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  1. Most men knows how to hide their emotions. By doing so, they can somehow pretend that they're no worried about the current issue, but deep inside, they are dying.