Sunday, November 20, 2011

Independent Vs. Traditional Publishing: Why I'll Stay Indie!

As mentioned in the first of this series, I have had some interest from a mid-sized publisher for my blog Here She Comes.

At first, I was very excited that my work was considered worthy and still am. The publisher that expressed interest specializes in books with photographs and illustrations. They are located on the East Coast and focus on regional distribution. I would prefer not to have any illustrations for this project and I also don't wanted to be limited with where my books are available.

From what I have found, many small to mid-size publishers require the author to purchase a fairly large quantity of their own books, and though there are many authors out there who love being with their publishers, I have decided to stay independent.

I make Reality Books. This means I rely on other people's submissions to keep me going. I have three blogs up now with the intention of turning them all into books. The stories come in waves. Sometimes I get a lot; other times, I get busy and focus on other aspects of being an author. The stories will come in their own time and I don't want to feel pressure to have it done on someone else's watch. I want the quality of the entries to be worthy of the final product. This may take more time than a traditional publisher would permit.

I happened upon an article today that Penguin Books has now joined the self publishing game. Read the article: Here. They claim to respect the new wave of independent publishing and while that may be true, the truth is the Big Six are realizing their industry is being dramatically and quickly changed by the onset of authors getting fed up with all the rules being forced upon them. They know they now must be a part of this wave in order to stay competitive and in business.

When reading the interviews with the authors who have traveled both forms of publishing, it is clear that staying independent is the right choice for me. At least it is for now. I will admit, if one of the Big Six were to offer me a deal, that would be a whole other ball game and of course I would be a fool to decline.
It would give me the "credibility" that takes much longer to achieve when you go it alone. But I can guarantee that once I was able to make my living solely as an author, I would go back to self publishing. That's where the money really is if you have a decent following.

I would like to thank everyone for participating in the interview process and celebrate all the authors out there who help to entertain, inform and inspire!

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