Friday, November 4, 2011

Independent Vs. Traditional Publishing - Author Interview: Dorinne Davis

The questions posed to each author are at the bottom of the first part of this series. To see the article and questions, please click here:  Independent Vs. Traditional Publishing

Dorinne Davis

After sending my book to a publisher and waiting for six months for a rejection response back in the early 80's, a friend who had self-published suggested I find a book broker who would help me find a printing company.  I had a friend do the editing who had done this as a profession before retiring. Then we gave it to the broker who found the best deal for me. I formed my own company, got my ISBN numbers, found ways to sell and broker the book through the big companies like Barnes and Noble. This worked well so I did another book. By the time my third book was written, I wanted to go the traditional route. I had the manuscript into three companies this time. One was interested and I was waiting on their response during the month of September 2001. Well, 9/11 hit and so my book was not given a chance.  At that time, my topic was slightly different and a mother of a client of mine offered to 'take on' the project as she had been a Senior Editor at Lippincott prior to having children. She has some personal challenges and the book took three years to get printed. During those three years, I formed a company with my husband anticipating that I would write more books on the same topic and interest others in publishing with us. That went well until the divorce. Prior to the divorce though, I self-published my fourth book. It was easier to do than to get the rejections from the publishers.

For me self-publishing wasn't about going to a company that allowed you to publish any book on a pay as you print basis.  My experience with self-publishing was before this phenomena was created. Social media wasn't in existence either. However, I do use it now for the same books I published earlier and to spread the word on what i do.

I like the personal touch that small publishers have but think mid-size publishers can get you more clout when trying to promote your book.

Haven't tried high profile media yet with my upcoming book but didn't have too bad an experience with my third book. I did get to be on a few TV shows.

When first starting, my advice is to self-publish.

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