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Independent Vs. Traditional Publishing - Author Interview: Betsy Balega

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Betsy Balega
My publisher is O-Books of the UK. I was blessed to find them because my book, Being Mystic, is too New Age-y for a Christian publisher and too Christian for a New Age Publisher, such as Llwellyn. I searched, Googled and searched again, until I finally found the right publisher for my manuscript. The best thing is, unlike traditional publishers, who may make you wait six to eighteen months to get a reply, my proposal was read within twenty-four hours and a contract offered within seventy-two. At the time I signed my contract, February of 2010, each author received the same contract with no advance. 

Being Mystic launched June 16, 2011. I was fortunate enough to have a book tour with Chapters-Indigo of Canada.  I traveled throughout SW Ontario, on my own dime, and met wonderful staff and customers. It was a truly great experience. I took a diary with me and collected everyone's name and telephone number, to thank them personally and keep in touch. The notes may be used for a future book.

I have a free newsletter at my website,
I have a free podcast:, Tuning in with Betsy,, since 2006, with over 90,000 listeners.  Now, whether they all buy my book is up to them. I am on Facebook, have a Facebook page for Being Mystic. Everyone who "likes" my book is automatically entered into a monthly draw to receive a free psychic reading.

O-Books has two wonderful marketing personnel, Catherine Harris and Sarah Dedman. They take care of sending out review copies to book reviewers and the monthly newsletter for O-Books, which details what authors are up to each month. As a result, I have been asked to contribute to several UK magazines, which I wouldn’t have known of otherwise. Catherine and Sarah do a great service for all O-authors.

I sent press releases prior to each book signing. As a result, I was featured in local papers. Since returning from my book tour, I have been interviewed by one Canadian entertainment weekly in Calgary, the University of Saskatchewan, The Daily Trojan at USC, the Daily National in NYC, featured as the 'Author of the Month' by Mindi Anderson of Chicago, interviewed by Rob McConnell, host of the #1 Paranormal Radio Show in Canada, as well as two more radio shows in mid-November. Rogers Media did a magazine cover promo picture for me just before my book launch.

I will stay with O-Books because they believed in me when no one else did. John Hunt, the CEO, used his money and invested in me. I’ll return the favor. I’m a very loyal person.

Sales are going well. I have deliberately declined all royalties until later in 2012. The last time I checked Being Mystic landed on the Best Seller List. My writing is about Truth, not money.

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