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Independent Vs. Traditional Publishing - Author Interview: Geoffrey Hopf

The questions posed to each author are at the bottom of the first part of this series. To see the article and questions, please click here:  Independent Vs. Traditional Publishing.

Geoffrey Hopf
Book: Doggieville

I first started out looking at publishers for my book. Most I found online were not even accepting unsolicited manuscripts. I found that to be very disheartening. I then started to look for a literary agent, thinking that would be my in with a publisher. That again proved to be slow and unproductive. I then came upon an article about how many authors I was aware of started out by self-publishing. I was amazed by the list. I then started to look more into the self-publishing route and found some interesting things. My personality is one that I am a get it done kind of person. I do have a problem with waiting and waiting, and if I really wanted my book out I felt I needed to get it out there. I know many other writers and authors and they know the importance of momentum. I was losing my momentum waiting to go the "traditional" route. After careful thought, I finally made the decision to self-publish. I took my time to research and finally found what I felt was the perfect service to assist me in self-publishing. From concept to having the finished product in my hand took four months. I know without a doubt going the other route would have taken a year plus.

I am happily using Createspace and have really enjoyed the self-publishing route. It is impossible for me to know how things would be otherwise, as I don't have anything else to compare it to. What I love is my publishing happens as fast as I can get my books completed, proofed and uploaded. After having my first book out for only two weeks, I decided to have a Spanish version. Within one month that book went live and for sale. If I had a traditional publisher, that would not have happened.

I use social media a lot. My book has its own page on Facebook and it connects with others on Facebook. I like using it as a means to notify and update my fans.

As of right now, I am enjoying my success so far going it alone. My sales have been good and I have booked interviews, readings, radio interviews and reviews all by myself. I do use a small PR firm but I know the cost of them is less than had I had a publisher. So to answer honestly, I am not looking for a publisher at all.

I have had only one rejection and that was by a library. Otherwise I haven't seen any rejections from media. 

The self-publishing route is a lonely road. You must be prepared to do it all. If you are the personality type that needs or feels you need support or someone to help, then self-publishing may not work. Self-publishing works well for those that are super energized, motivated and entrepreneurial. In the end, when you are successful as a self-published author the publishing houses then will take note and come to you. I have to applaud all authors out there who are risking everything and putting themselves out there. Just completing your book is a huge success, getting it published is another; everything after that is icing on the cake.

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